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About Us

Established in 1999, Core82, Inc., is a full service IT infrastructure design, cloud computing, and IT regulatory compliance company offering premier solutions to a diverse client base with multi-national business presence. With maximum security measures built into the DNA of its design schemes, the offered solutions are scalable, predictable, self monitoring, and highly adaptable to evolving business ecosystems.

Acting as a strategic partner to its clients, Core82 provides holistic IT infrastructure solutions as the foundation for operational continuity and business productivity. We are a US Army veteran-owned and operated company. The company’s highly specialized staff are selected from an elite special operations unit in charge of military communications, and apply the same level of security and diligence to the client design that is required by the US military forces.

At its core, Core82’s architecture philosophy is built upon standardization,  security, and operational continuity. The same security measures in the design philosophy is applied to enterprise IT design schemes, the company’s own data centers, and specialty industries with regulatory requirements such as financial, healthcare, or energy companies.

Core82’s hosted cloud offerings provide standardized virtualization, private or hybrid solutions,  geo-redundancy,  virtual desktop across the enterprise, and application hosting.

Our Leadership Team

Jonathan Schwam, founder, Principal Architect

The attitude and laser-sharp discipline learned as an Army paratrooper permeates everything that Jonathan Schwam does, and what distinguishes Core 82.

Jonathan is a subject matter expert in critical infrastructure protection and has helped numerous financial, energy and medical firms to design, build, secure and maintain their computer networks. As a senior infrastructure engineer and architect, Jonathan’s focus is on the company’s technical direction, and he monitors and maintains the effectiveness and scope of all service solutions. He understands not only the technical side of information security, but the business perspective as well, and can recommend the right solution for individual customers.

“Focusing on being really good is the bare minimum. I concentrate on every customer’s business, and make absolutely sure the solutions fit their business perspective. I help our clients understand technology solutions that we use by talking in plain English. I make sure their data is protected.”  – Jonathan Schwam

Unlike many computer masterminds, Jonathan is a natural-born teacher and can take very complicated concepts and put them into a context that people understand. One of his joys is to mentor members of his staff as well as the former soldiers and wounded warriors who recently retired from the army and are looking to re-enter the civilian occupations.

Jonathan earned a B.S. in Information Technology from Strayer University and is CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Security Certified.

“I stay very much in tune with what’s going on in the world within a geo-political context, and am constantly monitoring global current events and how they impact the digital world.” – Jonathan Schwam 

Jonathan is married and lives with his family in New York City. His participation in charity work also includes Avon’s 40 mile walk and Meals on Wheels.


Troy Brumley, General Manager

Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you. After 24 years of military service working in high-pressure jobs, Troy Brumley understands that staying calm and controlled brings the greatest benefits to every situation.

Troy manages everything non-technical at Core 82; i.e., logistics, operations, project management, procurement (internal and external), ticket management, finances, and security.

“I want clients to feel comfortable, to know that they can call us 24/7 to resolve any security issue.” – Troy Brumley

Troy served in the Army’s military police and was trained in every kind of security protocol, as well as personnel and equipment management – a seamless segue to Core 82. While in the Army, he qualified for Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, Rappel Master, Physical Security and Anti-terrorism.

Troy earned a Master’s degree from University of Maryland in Management Studies.

He is a proponent of the Wounded Warrior Program and Heroes on the Water, and volunteers at an animal shelter. He has participated in numerous Spartan races and Tough Mudder obstacle courses, the NYC Half Marathon, and has hiked the Incan Trail in Peru. 


Our Values and Culture 

“Operational security is baked into our DNA. We like to think of ourselves as a black helicopter, guarding the integrity and wellbeing of your entire computer infrastructure”. – Jonathan Schwam

We have a deep-abiding conviction that customers and employees alike are better served if high ethical standards are maintained throughout all aspects of our business.

We are known as the quiet problem solver. Our customers don’t have to worry about data security while we are quietly working in the background, maintaining a virtually impenetrable computer infrastructure for them.

Core 82 is an equal opportunity employer committed to inclusion and diversity. We are particularly proud of our recruitment program through the Wounded Warrior Project.


Company history 

How two Army friends built a successful information technology and cybersecurity firm.

This is an epic story of a life-long friendship, what it takes to serve in the Army, how that translates to a zero-defect attitude, and a mastery of information security with its roots in jumping out of planes at 15,000 feet –  with the confidence that the jump will work every time.

It was 1993. Jonathan Schwam (or Schwam as many people call him), was on leave in New York City from the 82nd Airborne Paratrooper Unit, military intelligence, when he decided to re-visit his old Army recruiting station. While there he met a recruiter, Troy Brumley, an Army Ranger previously serving in Baghdad, with military police background who was trained in securing military posts across Europe. They clicked and a life-long friendship began.

1995. When Schwam left the service after 4 ½ years of jumping from planes including such places as the remote areas of the Sinai, he went to work for a computer company and quickly mastered the digital world. He says he didn’t plan to be in business for himself, but he did well at that first job and thought ‘I can run all this myself.’ So, he started consulting for small businesses. He applied everything he learned in the army, about paying attention to detail and being ready for inspections and the unexpected, to his consulting business, and the business kept growing.

It was a natural evolution for Jonathan to become fascinated with critical infrastructure protection and information security, considering his service in military intelligence with top secret security clearance.

When he started his own computer security business in 1999, it was also natural for him to name the new company “Core 82” in honor of the 82nd Airborne.

The burgeoning company grew and soon Jonathan realized he needed to add a key role – not another technician or security specialist. Rather he needed someone who could manage any project, and was reliable, diligent, and detail-oriented.

He needed Troy Brumley, who was just retiring from active duty. Troy joined Core 82.

Fast Forward to Today. Core 82 has grown from its early days, but kept its single-minded focus: to keep our customers’ IT systems functional and secure – and to do it quietly, professionally, and without disturbing day-to-day operations.

At our core are all the qualities the founder learned in Army training: leadership, accountability, teamwork, and the sheer drive to ensure that every mission is a success.

  • Business continuity
  • Secure computing
  • Infrastructure design
  • Scalable IT solutions
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Private or hybrid cloud
  • Virtual desktop
  • Hosted applications
  • I&O planning
  • Geo-redundancy

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