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Client Testimonials

-Saeed Fotovat, Chief Information Officer at Navigant:

I have worked and traveled extensively with Jonathan on projects in national and global capacities. He can hit the ground running and take a project from cradle to grave. He performs well under pressure, and is resourceful and smart about getting problems solved.

In the three years and multiple projects that I have worked with Jonathan, I have found that he strives to deliver and exceed on client expectations. He has a friendly and professional disposition that makes him very easy to work with.


-Dominick Birolin, CISSP, CISA:

Jonathan is creative and very knowledgeable. He was hired by my company NAEA LLC as a consultant. He has been a great asset to NAEA and willingly passes on his knowledge to us. His expertise transcends a vast array of IT skill sets. I find him to be a great asset to our company.


-Mike Espinal, Ignite Search Partners:

When taking on the responsibility of selecting an IT and Cybersecurity vendor for my new firm called Ignite Partners, I thought only to call Core 82 with whom I have had a long history of working with at other banks going back to 2001.  Within two weeks of reaching out to them, the team at Core 82 had our Greenwich, CT office and information systems up and running – computers, secure cloud desktop, email, Internet, firewall, phones and networking.

From the first call with them it was clear they understood what I was looking for. Core 82 team delivered with a sense of urgency and great customer service. From the beginning they explained everything I needed to know including all costs and all expectations in a way that I could understand, and they executed as promised with no unforeseen cost overages.

In short, when getting my new company up and running to the high level of performance that all the principals here expected, Core 82 delivered on technology and secure information services.


-Ingrid Brix, Brix & Partners:

Core 82 has been our trusted IT consulting firm at Brix & Partners since 1999. They’ve supported us through the years as we have gone from three people in a sublet space to a 35+ employee staff of accounting professionals at our corporate headquarters in NYC as well as remote staff servicing clients all over the world. With Core 82 on our side, technology has never been an impediment to our growth. Being now a larger company, we still feel that we get personal attention as we navigate not only our own growth but also face new levels of security threats that we never anticipated years ago.

Just recently, we had our formal annual IT systems review with Core 82. As expected, Core 82 summarized their recommendations that we had discussed informally on a number of occasions in the past, and we had an open and honest discussion about what makes most sense for our firm from technology perspective.

The staff at Core 82 takes the time to clearly explain to us all IT and security related activities and costs.  Their support staff is prompt and professional.

As Brix & Partners continues to grow, we are happy that we have a trusted IT provider who has been with us for almost 20 years, and look forward to what the next 20 years will bring.


 -Michael Valentine, Valentine Construction Management:

Core82’s performance is reliable – and that makes them excellent. I have no patience for stupidity, and I can happily say that in my close to 20 years experience with Core82 I have never had that problem. I call these guys – frantically sometimes – and they solve my problems.

My requirements for IT are simple: to have a system that doesn’t crash and is available for me to use whenever I need it, and support is there when I need it. Core82 delivers just that. Case in point: Core82 set up Microsoft Office 365 for us last year. The system has been available to me even when I travel internationally, which is very important to me. I also get the attention I need from Core82 when I have a question or an issue.

Everything I’ve wanted in my system you guys have given me. That’s it!!!!


-Kevin Ryan, Ryan Contracting:

I honestly believe that Core82 provides a very good service at a reasonable price. A couple of years ago another IT services provider whom I know from a business networking group I belong to looked into my current setup and cost structure with the intent that he would submit a proposal to take over the account. He came back to me and said honestly that the service I am receiving is as good or better than what he would provide. Furthermore, he could not do it any cheaper. He did not recommend that I switch to him. Keep in mind that was coming from their competitor.

My expertise is construction management, not IT solutions. Things like backup protocols, data breech, cyber attacks, spam etc. are things that I have no experience with. I completely rely on Core 82 to ensure that my setup is both appropriate to my specific needs and properly managed to protect me from all the bad things. In the almost 20 years or so that I’ve worked with Jonathan and Troy I have never had a problem with any of these issues. They are truly my single source solution for IT. They handle everything so whatever and as importantly whenever I have a question or concern it is quite literally one text or phone call for me and they are on it. I never have to worry about what piece of my IT is managed by them and what piece is managed by someone else.

I started working with Core82 almost 20 years ago. They do the offsite hosting and IT management for several companies that I started over the years. I would not continue to use them if they were not effective. As I eluded to previously, it is important to me that I have a single source point of responsibility and that they take that responsibility seriously. Core 82 has proven to be that company. I know that if I have a problem that I need solved I can either call the techs directly for help, which I often do, or contact Troy or Jonathan directly, ANYTIME. It is like having an in-house IT department. More than once I’ve called Jonathan after hours or over the weekend with the intent of leaving a message for the following business day. He picks up the phone. That’s service.

As a general contractor I’ve hired hundreds of companies for different projects over the years. For me, whether or not I do business with someone comes down to 3 basic questions: 1. Are they technically qualified to perform the job. 2. Are they priced in such a way that they provide a true value for the service they provide, and lastly but just as important, 3. Are these the kind of people I want to do business with? With Core82 the answer is “yes” to all three of these. Do not underestimate the importance of #3. I suspect there are a lot of companies out there who can do what Core82 does. But are these other companies honest, are they good guys, are they easy to deal with, will they have your best interest at heart? Maybe, Maybe not. I can say from experience, Core 82 always does and always will.


-John Lightfoot, Product and Technology Consultant:

Jonathan and I spent many hours working in often stressful conditions to deliver high-profile and complex customer solutions. He was always cool-headed and very quick and creative with solutions that really distinguished his technical expertise. He’s truly masterful in delivering network and systems solutions — and pretty handy with VoIP after a couple of our trials by fire. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking for the highest level of engineering capabilities and hope to work with him again in the near future.