Free And Confidential
Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Reveal Where Your Company Is At High Risk
To Ransomware, Hackers, And Other Devastating Attacks

When this 100% confidential risk assessment is complete you will know:

Dark Web

If you and your employees’ credentials, passwords, and private information are being sold on the Dark web – we can practically guarantee they are


If your IT systems are truly secured against hackers, cyber-criminals, viruses, worms, and even sabotage by rogue employees


If your current backup would have you up and running fast if ransomware locked all your files. 99& of reviewed networks would not survive an attack


If your It systems, backup systems, and data handling meet the complex compliance requirements and regulations for data protection

About Us

Looking for an IT provider that views you as a partner and not just a customer? Who sees you as an asset they work with tirelessly to protect? Where you are more than just a number? We are ready to listen.

Core82 is a veteran-owned business with over 20 years of experience in both general and specialized IT services and project management – with a foundation in cybersecurity, risk management, and compliance with various industry standards. Core82 serves clients at every level, across four continents, and we are proud of our proven track record of trust, honestly, and frontline knowledge enabling us to excel in any given situation


Our Client’s Security And Peace of Mind Is Our Top Priority

“Your performance is RELIABLE!! I say this becuase that makes you excellent. You know that I have no patience for stupidity. I can happily say that in my close to 20 years experience with you I have never had that problem. I can call you guys – frantically sometimes – and you guys solve my problems. That’s it!!


“We view Core82 as a “one stop shop” to deal with everything related to IT in our business. That has worked well for us becuase if we have any issues we IT there is only 1 responsible service provider: Core 82″


“My expertise is construction managment no IT solutions. Things like backup protocols, data breech, cyber attacks, spam, etc. are things that I have no experience with I completely rely on Core82 to ensure that my setup is both appropriate to my specific needs and properly managed to protect me from all the bad things. In the almost 20 years or so that I’ve worked with Core82 I have never had a problem with any of these issues.”

RYN, Managing Director

“We are very pleased with Core82’s responsiveness and quality of work. I think the best example is the fact that we have recommended your services to our shareholders/investors. I would add that Core82 has also helped us make sure that we are in compliance with FINRA & SEC guidelines. I have depended on your team’s support to make sure that I am prepared for any future audits.”


Our Client’s Security And Peace of Mind Is Our Top Priority