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Infrastructure Design Solutions

Scalable Solutions

Intelligent infrastructure designs tailored to rapid changes in today's corporate environment.

Secure Computing

Secure, predictable infrastructure design with quick recoverability and limited unplanned downtime.

Standardized Designs

Consolidated and standardized designs minimizing IT fragmentation across the enterprise.

In today’s dynamic business environment, with even small companies operating globally with multi-location settings, reliable networks are more critical than ever in ensuring business continuity and operational consistency. A standardized network allows employees to seamlessly connect to internal staff, partners, and customers, as well as applications, systems, and devices at any place, any time.

Acting as a strategic partner to its clients, Core82 provides holistic IT infrastructure design solutions as the foundation for operational continuity and business productivity. At its core, Core82’s architecture philosophy is built upon standardization, security, and operational continuity. The strategic designs help align the IT infrastructure with the dynamic nature of today’s business needs.

The company’s highly specialized staff are selected from an elite special operations unit in charge of military communications, and apply the same level of security and diligence to the client design that is required by the US military forces. With decades of experience, they have developed global solutions for a variety of industries including:

  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Banking
  • Military
  • Entertainment
  • Technology

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