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Regulatory Compliance Solutions


Strict compliance with regulatory requirements to mitigate enterprise risk, and ensure data security.

Standardized Designs

Consolidated and standardized designs minimizing IT fragmentation across the enterprise.

Secure Computing

Secure, predictable infrastructure design with quick recoverability and limited unplanned downtime.

Effective compliance systems play a critical role in mitigation of potential business threats and prevention of costly legal violations in regulated industries. Corporations of every size in a variety of regulated industries including healthcare, energy, financial, banking, etc, have to comply with complex mandated regulatory requirements.

Core82 has partnered with clients in a variety of regulated industries to develop critical IT infrastructure embedded with compliance and security whether within the client’s network or in its own data centers. The company’s highly experienced staff offer detailed IT knowledge providing full-scale assessments, security improvement, and compliance capabilities for NY DFS, CIP, SOX, HIPAA, and energy IT compliance.

By performing gap analysis of the existing systems against required regulations, Core82 provides a concise plan of action to achieve secure, scalable, compliant IT solutions for small companies to large enterprise, so that their IT environment can withstand the intense scrutiny of regulatory audits.

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