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Secure Hosted Cloud Solutions

Full Geo-Redundancy

Fully redundant data centers in NJ and CO with built in disaster recovery to withstand brownouts and natural disasters.

Scalable Virtualization

Secure, scalable hosted infrastructure built around the many changes in the business environment.

Private, Shared, or Hybrid Cloud

Dedicated or shared environments custom built in geo-redundant data centers, with built-in data security.

Data centers are the foundation of any company’s IT infrastructure, and every organization has different data needs. Core82 provides secure, customizable, scalable solutions in its geo-redundant data centers in New Jersey and Colorado in private (dedicated) or shared cloud.

Companies may choose to store high volume data, special use enterprise applications, or the entire organization’s desktops into the cloud to ensure desktop standardization, operational consistency, and business continuity during natural disasters.

Virtual Desktop

Core82 designs, implements, and hosts the Windows desktops of the entire company, or a collection of desktops within the enterprise, in its geo-redundant data centers.

With the growing end user mobility, users increasingly need the ability to access their desktops on a growing number of devices. Desktop virtualization delivers desktop access to users at any time from any device.

  • Higher ROI
  • Lower support costs
  • Desktop standardization
  • Higher performance computing
  • Automatic hardware and software upgrades
  • Secure geo-redundancy with limited unplanned downtime 
  • Corporate IT policy enforcement
  • Enterprise control over used applications
  • Securing corporate data with “dumb” devices

Application or Data Storage Hosting

Core82 offers a secure, scalable mechanism to host corporate applications or high volume data storage in its geo-redundant data centers.

Companies can host regular business applications such as Microsoft Exchange and QuickBooks, or special corporate applications such as Sage ERP systems, Hyperion business software tools, and others.

Core82 can also securely store high volume data for long term storage for medical, legal, accounting, and other practices.

  • Increased user access at any time from any device
  • Automated application upgrades
  • Consolidated usage for each application
  • Secure data hosting
  • Geo-redundancy with limited unplanned downtime
  • Lower cost support

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