Standards Bodies & Frameworks

Best practices and regulatory compliance are intimately related and each directly inform the policies and procedures of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Core 82 provides comprehensive solutions to address the recommended controls and guidelines to best manage your company’s risk and reduce overall system vulnerabilities.


Core 82 implements security and privacy controls covering:


SOC1 and SOC2

Program Implementation


ISO 27001 (*27002)

Scoping and Program Implementation



Risk Management and Security Management



Process Management



Technology Management

These guidelines form a strong foundation for any cybersecurity strategy, regardless of an organization’s size, industry or sector. Core 82 partners with you to establish lasting infrastructure to protect your business now and into the future.

While IT is not a regulated industry, Core 82 is SOC2, Type-2 compliant and completes an annual audit. It is our duty to understand the ins-and-outs of regulating standards and we can best advise our clients from the vantage point of compliance ourselves.

Core 82 provides clients with deeper insights and education surrounding the business’ process and expectation needs while ensuring we can implement a fully matured compliance program.


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