Top 3 Reasons to Consider Microsoft Teams Voice to Integrate with your Compliance Solution

Jun 16, 2022

While email, video conferences, and live chat applications have opened up more opportunities to connect with colleagues, phone systems will always be essential because they allow immediate, personal contact with colleagues and customers.

Teams Voice from Microsoft is a best-in-class, integrated system that any company, in any industry, can benefit from implementing. The service provides convenience, access, and user-friendly on-boarding into a recognizable and familiar system. The ability to receive voicemails in email form and find all your business contacts on the go are merely the surface-level benefits. Today, Core82 is sharing three tactical reasons your business should consider using Microsoft Teams Voice.

#1 Full integration with Microsoft365 (formerly Office365)

Microsoft365 encompasses the entire suite of software Microsoft has available, and thus results in low administration overhead because it is managed under the same admin center as Microsoft365. The cloud-based subscriptions are already commonly used in both distributed and collaborative business environments, and thus creates a familiar end-user experience for implementing Teams Voice.

#2 Mitigate business risk  

Traditional VOIP phone systems have several significant security risks including phishing, DDoS attacks, and call tampering. Bringing your business’ phone system into one, fully managed environment means there are fewer avenues of access for people with ill-intent. Not only can implementing Teams Voice within a secured environment make fraud monitoring simpler, it can simplify the process of making sure your business communications stay in compliance with the regulations set forth by industry-specific governing bodies.

#3 Utilize as needed

Want to forward your calls to your cell phone? Receive your voicemails as email? Dial your calls directly from your computer with a state-of-the art software? With Teams Voice, you can – along with much, much more. There is also no need to worry if some members of your team would prefer a normal phone. Teams Voice also allows for an easy deployment of desk phone service. All of these options mean that you can use Teams Voice how, when, and where you need to.

Unifying the communication channels of your business can only increase the effectiveness of the work. Teams Voice from Microsoft is a powerful tool for a business of any size. Its full integration with Microsoft365, security benefits, and flexibility are all important reasons the software is worth implementing.

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