Choosing the Right Integration Partner for Migrating to Teams Voice

Apr 2, 2022

Migrating a business’s phone system over to Teams Voice is a massive undertaking and the process can easily overwhelm in-house IT departments. The process can cost more in time and resources than anyone could foresee and throw off the business’ ability to fire on all cylinders. Choosing the wrong integration partner can cause just as many issues – if not more. Here are three reasons you need the right integration partner to help make your transition to Teams Voice straightforward and simple.

  1. Security Considerations
    Choosing a partner who is SOC-2, Type-2 Compliant means your company has an informed, vigilant expert working to ensure your entire Microsoft365 system is protected against fraud and risk. One of the benefits of using Teams Voice boils down to reducing business risk – particularly when it comes to fraud monitoring and compliance regulations. In that sense, your business’ security should be taken into account in the integration process.
  2. Configuration Expertise
    Choosing an integration partner whose expertise is in Microsoft365 and Teams Voice is the best way to avoid configuration errors that can disrupt business and make an organization appear unprofessional. Mistakes in porting, direct route configuration, and dial plan configuration can cause businesses a range of critical problems, such as incorrectly directed inbound calls and total phone system outages. The right partner can foresee roadblocks and potential issues – in sum they are ready to answer any question before a client even thinks to ask.  
  3. Life Cycle Management
    Not only do experts in Microsoft365 and Teams Voice dedicate their time to understanding the nuances of the Microsoft systems, but they stay apprised of current and upcoming updates to their products and services. The best partner for a business’ migration is one who is ready to support the transition, implementation, AND operation of the technology until the business decides to retire the product. This type of partnership creates continuity in how Microsoft365 and Teams Voice are managed, thus reducing the margins of risk and error even further.

The right integration partner will make transitioning to Teams Voice a smooth process. Their attention to detail when it comes to security considerations, configuration strategies, and life cycle management will ultimately save a business time and money. Core 82, Inc is one such expert in Teams Voice. Our experience includes work with companies of all sizes in national and international markets. The professionals on our team have heard it all when it comes to pain points and like a true partner, we are ready to help you prevent and mitigate problems at every step along the way.

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