IT Services

Core 82 acts as a strategic partner to our clients. Our holistic approach provides mature solutions grounded in the philosophy of standardization, security, and operational continuity.

Core 82 applies the security measures in our design philosophy to enterprise IT design schemes, the company’s own data centers, and specialty industries with regulatory requirements such as financial, healthcare, or energy companies.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Supporting clients in developing and maintaining effective systems that protect our clients at all levels.

Breach Response and Cybersecurity

Preparing our clients to manage the life cycle of a breach – from preparation to response and on to recovery.

Business Productivity

Business productivity services to help clients deftly navigate the ever-evolving demands of their industries

IT Infrastructure

Dynamic IT infrastructure grounded in standardization, security, and operational continuity.

Data Center

Secure, scalable mechanism to host corporate applications or high-volume data storage.

IT Managed Services

Premiere IT managed services complete with risk management.

Peace of mind comes from certainty. Certainty comes from Core82.
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